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The Light


MPKS is Mathieu Schreyer, a French electronic music composer, born in 1982, in the desert land of Alsace. It would not be an exaggeration to call “The Light,” a career-making signature song for MPKS, as it is one of the most tremendous EDM tracks of the year. With its simple structure, resounding hooks and faded vocal sample, the song is becoming an amazing hit enticing a massive audience.

Let’s not overlook the vocals, the artist performs great. The vocals of the track “The Light” is undoubtedly passable to the ears. Even if I got preoccupied with the massive instrumentals accompanying his voice for the entire track: it’s never boring. It was the very first part that immediately astonished me with its natural and vibrant energy from the lead sound, blowing upon all of a sudden. It’s a thin structure that enacts in a matter of moments. Subsequently, the real drop is when that gradually gets brought up after a lengthy build-up and ends on an emotional and pleasing note.

Undoubtedly, this track appeared to be created cleanly. If you are an EDM fan and inquisitive in production quality then there will surely be something in this track for you to dive in. Throughout the song, there is a choice of synth and a melody that just incites the ear right. The listeners will feel tremendously pleased after the first listening. This track will remain one of the purest EDM distillations for a long period in musical history.

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