Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by 6rantw1lder

Grant Wilder is better known as 6rantw1lder. He comes from Asheville, North Carolina. He is a professional singer, video producer. This up-and-coming artist came to this industry because he want to show up his talents to people how he is clever at music. Most people recognize him as a rapper. Because his rapping style is incredible. He always follows Hip-Hop, Trap, Electronic, Rock, Alternative, Pop music.

His newest release is “6&m3”. He has been Homeless, alone, addicted, locked up, & has dealt with bipolar, amongst other mental health issues. God and music saved his life. He says music tells his story. This boy was raised with a dream. The moment 6rantw1lder was able to quote song lyrics as a toddler, he knew he found a new love; that his new love was music.

The artist’s voice is the first thing to move forward with the melody and concept with a soft and accessible voice that is closely and personally portrayed. Musically the track is excellent, well crafted to a flawless standard, and ready to be played in full voice by all who listen to it. The melody sinks very fast and allows you to familiarize yourself with the entire soundtrack first and foremost, and then the sound of that hook will remain in your mind for a while after listening.

6rantw1lder has a cool and smooth RnB vocal sound that works great across various genres including, as in this case, pop. The honesty of the track is impressive, and this combines with the simplicity of the melody and vocals, making it a really relative and enjoyable song. You feel a bit connected with the singer on this track, an unusual but comforting effect. The way it is written and the closeness of the voice give it an atmosphere that is genuine and accessible; You do not feel that he is trying to separate himself from his listeners or to be an elite as an artist but with all that important and admirable human element. Nice to hear and experience.



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