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No Retreat

by In Tha Hillz

Listening to In Tha Hillz’s music is always a pleasure – see link, press Play, turn up the volume. Never despair, far from it. As the weekend begins, “No Retreat” is a beautiful atmosphere and intense listening experience that makes you feel incredible.

Terrance Hill also known as In Tha Hillz is an artist and writer that describes music as his heartbeat. Hill is also the President and Founder of Double E TV to showcase new artists and promote their music. When Terrence Hill is not writing or recording, you can find him in the gym, working on Double E TV, and with his beloved wife, Guohua. As the Founder and President of Glad Tidings Community Outreach, Hill aims to inspire everyone in the community in a positive and inspiring way.

The mixed locations on the track elevate the electronic rifs slightly, occasionally diverting attention from the rap, but at the same time creating this mesmerizing and unobtrusive music around you like any low-tempo RnB track. Above this, it shows a series of vocal ideas and characters that vary between choruses. The storytelling is different, the verse that comes in nearly three minutes presents a slightly darker scene, the soft but rough performance presents these lines that effectively grab your attention. After this, the beat restarts and the structure of the whole part really affects how it gets every moment.

The journey through this release shows an incredible level of detail mixing, in particular, detail and sound exploration. The essence of sound is always there, the rhythm, the speed, the synthesized note wave. In addition, the release presents a structure that throws out more than a few parts of an alternative reality, occasionally creating something that simply feels more like a multi-sensory experience than audio.

In Tha Hillz’s music is the kind of thing you can trust to hit hard again and again when you need to – that essential escape, that perfect sound that makes you feel alive and ready for anything. An additional benefit is the complexity and, in this case, the proximity of the concept. It all has passion and power, bringing production to life, showcasing diversity and creative freedom, as well as providing us with undeniable precision and skill in composing an impressive piece of music from beginning to end.

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