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No Stress

by RonnieKing

No stress from RonnieKing , is a next level Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap song with an extremely cool melody. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating voice of the artist and the unique melody. RonnieKing is a 24 year old Maryland native and 100% Hip Hop head. Motivated by money so he can live the best life he can, Ronnie’s workrate is unmatched. Wholly in love with the Hip Hop culture and the rapstar lifestyle, women, partying and money does not stop him from taking his music seriously. With laidback beats and aggressive delivery along with slick wordplay makes RonnieKing’s music perfect for any occasion. Ronnie’s pursuit of enjoying life overspills into his music with a carefree and upbeat vibe which is intoxicating to listen to, making the listener share the same experience as Ronnie himself. With more money to make and more good times to chase, RonnieKing is far from done and will continue to put out quality and feelgood hits.
Here is lyrics,
No stress more sleep
More whips ( I been doing me)
more jeeps
No stress more sleep
New kicks
new freaks

Orange juice with the fruit in the cup
Bubble bath
Baby I’m blowing up
Ya bitch made it
With my dick in her butt
I be cooling somewhere
Deep in the cut
Money like confetti
I throw it up
Ya run outta money
Ya run outta luck
Ya think I won’t take it
I don’t give a fuck
I slide through the creases
I’m leaving ya stuck
I cook steaks
For my living room
Leave for the aroma
I gave her gas
She gave me Ass
Wouldn’t pass
She in a coma
My phone off
and my eyes closed
Medicate while
I mediate
Right on time
Like I’m never late
Different state of mind
Here’s a better fate

Plane ticket
Bigger check
20 million haven’t seen it yet
I seen her naked
And we just met
I was catching flights
I was fueling jets
Far away
Mary land
Where I stay
Buying homes
Cause I’m doing well
Make em better
So I can sell
Thc that you can’t smell
Bitch it’s not a secret
Who you gonna tell
being nosey
I be where the hoes be
Guess the game chose me
Panties where her toes be
Spending time
But I’m not buying
Naw I’m lying
I ain’t rich yet
But a Nigga trying



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