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Death Eater

by D Bulletz

D Bulletz is a talented artist who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is a very talented rapper to be specific and he says that he is always motivated by several artists like A$AP Rocky, Ski Mask, The Sump God, Childish Gambino and Tyler, The Creator. Bulletz music passion is always linked with Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap. He recently released his latest single titled “Death Eater”. It is a two minute and seven seconds audio Portrayal which is incorporated with Hip-hop, Rap, and R & B styles of music.

The song initiates with a rap while blending different genres. This rap is actually projected through a set of strong vocals. They are not only strong, but also clear which anybody can listen to without any doubt. So, how the singer balances and projects his voice throughout the song, with regard to the different genres is truly amazing. The vocals work perfectly and in tandem with the strum of beats and the sounds in the entire song are layered into this relentless beat. The lyrics of the track are in fact appropriate and significant when compared with the title of the song. They almost pass on the title of the track to the audience in an explicit manner.

So it is clear that “Death Eater” is a track which has an affecting music and connects deeply with the audience. Specially the words “Death’s awakening me” keep better which each repeat and take the listeners to another world. Thus, it is certain that “Death Eater” by D Bulletz is going to make waves in the hip hop and rap music fields specially for its ideal and exemplary song writing and the strong vocal lines.

On account of this, if you want to listen to more amazing works of D Bulletz, follow him via and .

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