Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Big Homie X

Xavier better known as the Big Homie X, is a 25 year old artist from Martinsville, VA. X takes the industry by storm with his unique multifunctional hip hop soundtrack in his newly released music video “STACKIN”. As his voice flows smoothly as the musical instrument moves on a carpet, the track includes an oriental tone.
The X talent not only carries over his shoulders but also surprises us with what he has under his sleeves for his next look as he goes from normal street to racetrack in his style. X is definitely someone who has a large existence in such a small state.
“STACKIN” is Big Homie X’s newest release. His rap style is cool. When he sings, he sings the song freely without any pressure or stress. X has a deep sultry man’s male voice that will surely be remembered by a catchy phrase or hook from his catalog, including “No Assist”, “Propane”, “I Love Her”, and “Filter”. Is. and some. His solo albums all have the same rhythmic style with the use of chimes, bass and percussion. We love the cultural influence he has filled throughout his production and many listeners will feel the same way.
Big Homie X told; “Music has always been my safe space when I was growing up. It was a place where I could release my mind and feel like the stress of the world was disappearing for a little while. Which is kind of what led me to want to make music in the first place, it became an outlet for me to actually express my thoughts and what I was going through without having to feel completely vulnerable.”
Using inflection with X’s words is similar to 50 Cent, Tech9 and Drake. Find out more about Big Homie X by following him on social media and listening to him on your favorite music platform.

Big Homie X

Big Homie X

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