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On My Life
Shaggadelic ft Gabri Elle
Shaggadelic ft Gabri Elle

On My Life

by Shaggadelic ft Gabri Elle

“On My Life”, the newest song by one of the most promising artists, Shaggadelic feat. Gabri’ Elle has been released, and it has not disappointed the listeners. Mastered with Shaggadelic’s hip-hop rap verses and Gabri’ Elle’s alluring yet powerful vocals take this masterpiece to a next level. “On My Life” is remarkably intriguing in the way it has been produced with the backbeat showing both the artists’ great delivery that compliments the RnB sound you hear through their voices. Particularly the tempo of this song is quite smooth and it has a more chilled out feel to it. The listeners can easily vibe along with it and it will never get boring. As Shaggadelic has one of the most influential vocals among upcoming artists, I believe that in this song and many others the tone he has in his voice and the way he connects rapping verses and singing together sounds amazing and undoubtedly many other people will agree from the first listen. Further, with this amazing collaboration with Gabri’ Elle, it is promising that this track will pave the path for Shaggadelic towards the success of the music industry with a vast fan base, bringing something different to the table that many other rap artists fail to do. Overall, “On My Life” is well worth listening to even if you are into rap, RnB and hip hop or not.

Shaggadelic ft Gabri Elle

Shaggadelic ft Gabri Elle

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