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In My Bag

by Queen Ty

With a hint of contemporary hip-hop, soul and singer-songwriter, Queen Ty’s unquestionable popularity this season, with its crisp, clean production, uplifting melodies, vibrant lyrics, and fast-paced and memorable songwriting style. Emerges with. “In My Bag”.


The brilliant and sensual “In My Bag” is another fantastic soundtrack and melody for the contemporary hip hop brand of Queen Ty, mixing elements of pop, soul and singer-songwriter and purely entertaining production. 


“In My Bag” is a classic pop ballad that grows from simplicity, spaciousness and recognizable performance to the full-fledged, lively orchestra of a massive orchestra. Overall, the intensity and energy level increase. While the lead voice is largely consistent, expressive but smooth and faithful to its purpose, the construction of the music ultimately contributes to a sense of full potential, elegance and encouragement.


The song develops a gentle, powerful approach with its humanistic developmental style and poetic insight, driving with a joyful calm, quiet but vocal and clean-cut voice. The track ranges from simple to sensual and comes close to the level of an underlying mood and a constantly appealing character. A bunch of intricacies enhance its warmth and brilliance but never carry anything away from the natural spirit and passion of that protagonist.


The further you get into it, the more you crave it – the soundtrack and the lead voice go hand in hand, and when the fall hits, the dark, industrial side of hip hop activates, sharpening those edges. The song goes even further, sealing the deal on whether this will be a tough and hot hit for turntables over the next few months.


Listeners continue to enjoy the style. On the other hand, the voice stays – this tone and individuality, the emotion and diversity of melodic flow, operating as a calling card throughout. Consider “In My Bag” rap tempo and uplift as a superb illustration of artistry on par with identity.


‘Queen Ty’ is an undeniable winning artist, bringing both production and rap to the stage. songwriting, sound design and performance all in one. For fans of the genre, it is worthwhile to learn more about Street Rap / Melodic Rap in general and creative production.

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