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The Situation

by Between Now And Forever

Between Now And Forever hails from the Hell of Upstate NY. “The Situation” is an incredible hard-rocking song that really includes assorted several significances in the sound and blends flawlessly. The interplay of staggering guitar playing and synths is bewitching. Moreover, the track has a powerful metal influence with some sublime guitars, atmospheric synths, and soaring vocals throughout the song. Particularly, “The Situation” is a remarkable mid-tempo song and is improved by great vocals. The melody of this song creates the powerful base of the track. Driven by a passion to tell a real, meaningful story- without shying away from gritty topics-using their music, Between Now And Forever deliver with “The Situation” a song that has a powerful message encapsulated in a glorious soundscape.
“So bite your tongue when I’m around
then smile while you grind your teeth
your plastic face your rubber knees
are affront but you don’t for me ”
Undoubtedly, many listeners will certainly find the lyrics comforting and inspiring at the same time especially, when dealing with the fake world. The level of talent in this band is huge and “The Situation ” is a decent release. With the mind-blowing vocals and the spirited musical performances that the band showcase on “The Situation” you really have to have good singing. Further, the guitarist does an outstanding job exceptionally well in both his rhythm and lead playing, and vocals really add some additional refinement to this track. The robust drum style playing over the guitars just dances through the song and it adds a thundering roar to the track. Certainly, If you are a fan who relishes Linkin Park’s music you are probably going to fall in love with “The Situation” by Between Now And Forever. This track will be a turning point for this brilliant band, Between Now And Forever.

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