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by SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma

Wichy de Vedado recreated the first single “Oya” in the SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma, with a stunning rhythm as it flowed through the speakers, combining fresh techno nostalgia and everlasting embraces with a current, crisp and clean product approach, Innovation. Wichy de Vedado is a top Cuban Dj / producer.

“Oya” is an invitation to a magical and mysterious journey. An original and innovative combination of fascinating Yoruba traditional singing with futuristic electronic sounds guided by African-Cuban rhythms and fun flying guitar playing. This African-Cuban-deep-electronic music, welcome to another world.

Since its creation in the late 90s, we have seen Sumo roam various areas: electro, spirit, funk, hip-hop, w. In keeping with their original mood, the band of Alex (guitar, vocals) and Fred Sumi (bass, production) did not fit into one particular style, but instead started a regular musical odyssey. For its 6th play, “Oya”, the journey continues, exploring new horizons, rhythms and sounds. The group was deported to Cuba, and two trips made significant and cordial friendships. In this new adventure, Sumo meets the brothers of his Cuban spirit: “Sumo y Los Hermanos del Alma”. The result is fascinating and refreshing. “Oya” is an African Cuban rock record. Multi-sounding UFO types: afro-beat, rock-fusion, Latin-jazz, Afro-Cuban soul voices. The album is completely immersed: two weeks of recording sessions in Havana, surrounded by a tribe of top Cuban musicians and singers.

“Oya” is a fascinating album and listening to its diverse and varied levels will never tire music lovers who are hungry for new discoveries and explorations. Coincidentally, it is no coincidence that the album brings together such a summary of musicians. Chilean drummer Ramon Plaza has been with the band since 2013. Popular Jamaican reggae singer Wayne Paul; Drummer Dunieski Baretto, pianist Maykel Gonzalez and trumpeter Eduardo Bringuez, all three members of the Myth Salsa band “Pupy y Los Que son son”; Los Niches, the singer who led the new Cuban rap show; Finally, Nelson Labrador, the famous rock band singer and guitarist “Mile Conn Lyman”.

Their creative enthusiastic approach is balanced by a clear professional and expert knowledge of production and composition. For all these reasons, it is worth knowing about this composition.

SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma.

SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma

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