Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Sakka

Music is the heartfelt language of the universe. Outstanding and talented, Sakka is the name of Ghanian American Arizona raised solo singer/ songwriter Noelle Twum-Ampofo.

Sakka’s new release “Spell” has a legendary soul classic with a spectacular new powerful track with a border of truly resonant compassion and natural tenderness.

Starting with a somewhat nostalgic vibe, the live drumming, the rhythmic weight, the contrasting applause and the peripheral choir create a lively mood that is largely accessible. In these long-form terms, combine passionately and cleanly, and everything will gradually but surely excite and move into new fields.

The song has a definite sense of urgency about its development, with extra layers with dramatic details to emphasize the organic beats, strings, rhythms and distribution intensity. Where there is tenderness, there is intensity, there is emotion building, the culmination of human emotions until the whole thing becomes a dramatic, almost dramatic concert.

The legendary spirit in “Spell” blends classical, lyrically metaphorical and vocal authenticity with emotion – it feels like a great setting but really retains the ideal organic music and vocal engagement at every step.

This release focuses on Sakka’s creative flexibility and spiritual honesty in a way that appeals very quickly. She strikes with an offensive self-confidence and a backward attitude as a subjective songwriter and musician, providing absolute lyricism and integrity to truly delight song lovers.

Awesome singing, a genuine character who revives the freely expressed feelings of the past, an outstanding musician, an unchanging style and a great production. This R&B, soulful indie-pop song “Spell” is a song that immerses itself in sound. Her composition is extremely soulful and gentle. “Spell” is a long-running song. This year, it’s worth a few streams.

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