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Painted With The Red

by Dirty the Queen

Dirty the Queen has come out with a handful of good songs and his new release “Painted With The Red” is a track to be replayed with louder bass. “Painted With The Red” is an intriguing song and one that should not have been passed up by rock music enthusiasts. This is a completion of humans’ battle with their depressed mindset. The vocals are a double-edged sword, they are realistic and replenish the song’s bare spaces. More eminently, his voice can get roaring and unique when compared to any of the other recent rock music releases. Further, the instruments play a remarkable part in this song. The opening guitar strum blends with powerful sounds and vocals. The synth that goes along right with the bass and drums sounds incredible. Remarkably put together and the chorus retains sufficient personality to stand on its own. Subsequently, “Painted With The Red” begins with this strong electronic kind of sound before the rest of the whole song comes in. The track signifies Dirty the Queen’s proficient arrival into rock music. Dirty the Queen’s music remains undoubtedly a celebration of mastery and a lament to emotional damage but has been energised by the power of rock music. Undeniably, “Painted With The Red” is one of the most realistic tracks released so far this year. As always, the writing is just empathising. “This depression turns into rage… Another year and I might not age again… So sick of throwing up… Never knew that growing up meant… Making the same mistakes, as I’m watching everyone around me break… I thought there was something better for me out there, but Is it too late to try?” Such deepened emotions spread throughout the track. Thus, so much intensity weighs as light as a feather, but at the same time means so much to society and individuals because of the lyrics and the powerful instrumental. For sure, Dirty the Queen has unarguably its best line-up to date here. Do not let this one pass you by.

Dirty the Queen

Dirty the Queen

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