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Tell You Something

by Ritchie Kelly

The Los Angeles-based singer Ritchie Kelly has long excelled at crafting amazing, mostly pop songs with warmth and expressive sensitivity. Ritchie Kelly’s third single, “Tell you something” is out now. How does this release stack up? The arrangements are incredibly captivating. Further in this release, Kelly’s sharp, mature voice, and builds from there, layers of guitar stacked for depth, Ritchie Kelly at his best. The best part of the song is clearly the chorus, which is realistic, loving, and impactful. Vocally, Ritchie Kelly sounds solid, the sound is pleasant. Thematically, the artist concentrates on true love. It has a catchy beat that will make the listener automatically want to vibe along with him, and Kelly’s vocals are warm, relieving, and simultaneously remarkable. He is able to exhibit his versatility as an artist in this song. Overall, Ritchie Kelly’s new single “Tell you something” is sheer perfection. It is lyrically and vocally powerful. All in all, the results are admirable for Ritchie Kelly. There is no denying that the artist is a proficient singer and this whole single was contentment to listen to. The lyrical meaning, significant melody and surprise release of “Tell you something” come together to make this an extremely beautiful and outstanding song. Kelly allows his music to speak for itself.

Ritchie Kelly

Ritchie Kelly

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