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Paper Weight

by 4 Eva Noir

Following his 2021 successes (having been played on BBC Radio 1 with support from BBC Introducing), the South African born rapper 4 Eva Noir now living in the UK, offers an element of empathy and encouragement in a world where entertainment, business & emotion are often tied up. His unique sound offers the perfect mix of old school and new school Hip-Hop that hits the sweet spot for true hip hop heads, who embrace contemporary styles, but still want to feel the authenticity of rap that has carried itself through the ages. 4 Eva Noir, came up with his latest single, “Paper Weight” undoubtedly a turning point in his music career as it showcases the absolute mastery of the talented rapper. Across the song’s three minutes, Noir lets the warm bass and synths of beat guide him throughout the song.

When his wordplay gets profound the artist shows the power of having a paperweight mentality and an awakened mind, opening up the essence of the lyrics without overthinking. Its clicky percussion and double-bass bumps offer further evidence of Noir’s knack for beats sparse on elements and unique in their sense of rhythm. These highlights move into massive production, adding some fresh parts to his formula that feels fitting. This stunning track, “Paper Weight” is undoubtedly among Noir’s most R&B-focused releases, where the implied messages were exemplified with thrilling arrangements and hooks that stuck in the listener’s mind for so long. There are hooks, sure, but nothing like a swooning chorus. The beats are composed largely around aglow, soulful organs and fiery electronics. “Paper Weight” puts Noir over a riff that sounds influential and soulful. The light guitar and organ synths of “Paper Weight” addresses the listeners hearts with the deep lyrics and Noir’s top-notch performances. With this remarkable release, it is obvious that 4 Eva Noir is certainly a gifted rapper worth listening to.

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