Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Terrance Hill

Terrence Hill is a singer and songwriter. He lives in Montgomery, AL. He describes the music as his heartbeat. He loves music a lot. And he likes entertaining things. Terrence Hill is the President and Founder of Double ETV. His vision is to showcase new artists and promote their music. When Terrence Hill is not writing or recording, he often goes to the gym, works at his Double E TV, and spends time with his beloved wife. As the Founder and President of Glad Tidings Community Outreach, Hill hopes to inspire the community in a positive and inspiring way.

Terrence Hill manages to push the line between intimacy and freshness in his latest release, “Akkad”. With recognizable musicianship and a classic style inspired by hip hop with a new character and a current bar series, the artist introduces himself more and more attractively. Terrence Hill’s latest release finds a uniquely rough and rhythmic voice with a modern beat. The audio track picks you up instantly and the sharp and clear touch blends beautifully with the subtleties and layers of time that keep you going back for days.

Likewise, the occasional synthesizer and beat throughout has a clear air of good product support creativity in creating something timeless and always intriguing. Terrence Hill travels the track in a very intriguing poetic style, thanks to the brilliant lyric playing from the beginning and clearly found his flow and purpose in this song.

The hook of the song is now more prominent, presenting the artist’s understanding of comparison and a clearer picture of the overall modern sound and temporal references. Terrence Hill keeps things that resonate strongly with this track unquestionably genuine. This arrangement helps to recall the artist’s stunning poetry and sincerity throughout his work. This very attractive but firmly rooted and heartfelt composition, excellent production and clear talent for art form is firmly entrenched at every step. Terrence Hill exemplifies the qualities that spark fire in hip hop, and the song serves as a spectacular introduction and a journey through it. Stay tuned with him for the latest creations of Terrence Hill.

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