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Pics of U

by iRod+Aux


Pics of U“iRod+Aux” returns to the roof, combining the latest alternatives with “Pics of U” with hip hop on a very humane level, romantic balancing energy and musical optimism with humble lyrical sincerity.

iRod+Aux is a talented artist who comes from the USA. he made many creations and you can watch them on his youtube channel.

iRod+Aux weaves serene, boldly open, fittingly titled “U Pics of U” into smooth environments and emotional aspirations, conceptually appealing from the beginning to an intriguing and relentlessly honest flow Goes. Powerful guitars, shattering drums, and catchy lyrics illustrate the modern hip hop sound that iRod+Aux represents.

The music is dominated by the power of songwriting but flawless acting and the production’s bright, crunchy, clean nature and soft but uplifting, enhancing energy throughout, shining with alternative hip hop singing, but more subtle, longer format writing style and clearer hip hop kissing sounds.

“I still don’t know what to do
With all these pictures of you
I keep them hidden away
they’re only hiding from me”

“Pics of U” is one of the best songs on iRod + Aux. The lyrics are creative, and the meaning is fantastic. When you listen to this song, close your eyes and then you feel the song’s deep meaning.

As many of these parts move from variation to variation and from riot to calm, at least not structurally, the sound is the same in every way. iRod + Aux complements the flow of the song and adds a character and risk that provide a genuine, natural connection. It’s a welcome addition to organic, live hip hop and novelty writing, and is a great example of what we can expect from an artist in the future.

iRod + Aux is definitely a valuable artist and should be on the lookout for slow-moving live shows in the coming months.



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