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PoliTricKs, FIRST Movement

by MC

“MC” is a deeply creative artist with a wonderful singing voice that carries his writing and melodies beautifully. The concept of “PoliTricKs, FIRST Movement” is underlined throughout the recording by a collection of cheerful ambient sounds and riffs. Everything takes a typically minimalist approach, but the overall effect is this dramatic and emotional work of art that reinforces those underlying ideas with each passing moment.

The style and delicacy of those lead vocals, the tone of voice, the confidence, the underlying message – the sound has rhythm and power and shows an ever-evolving, ever-talented songwriter and performer. The structure of the track pays homage to that minimalist element, with an abundance of creativity in terms of layout – lyric, verse, hook – but for the most part, the whole thing is very high-end. It’s all cleverly arranged to draw your attention to the flawless finish and energy and power of those vocal parts.

Hooked from the second you hear it, ‘MC’ is, without a doubt, a rapper with an intense and unforgettable sound and flow. “PoliTricKs, FIRST Movement” strikes as a breakdown of the past or an underground independent revelation—the kind of discovery that makes all the searching seem worthwhile.

The instrumentation throughout is well executed and adds effectively to the structure – the entire song is punctuated, each line reiterated by the energy of the music surrounding it. The classic, hip hop vibe is strong, with a bit of that retro electronic distortion to keep things relevant to the creative freedom sound.

The artist’s use of melody is minimal but effective, which contrasts well with the varied energy of the rap flow. The lyrics are surprising at certain points, especially when you consider how open and real the lines are. Moreover, nothing seems to be there to fill the space. The thoughtful nature of the writing is constantly evident, and despite the soft energy of the track, overall, it grows and grows in intensity and power through the clever arrangement of lines and effective use of musicality.

Listen carefully, there is much to appreciate. It’s such a catchy track that you can listen to it over and over again, and the more you engage – the words and mood of the piece are likely to enhance and inspire.

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