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GER NA DO’ latest release “POSITIVE VIBES” has the perfect vibe to start any week off the right way. The music is easy, and light in nature – the riffs, the beats, and the various moments of the sounds that come into play – all creatively arranged. On the other hand, lyrics deal with the reality of life; Words that are honest and convey some truth have a lot of value. All of this, and the fact that the whole thing is produced to a remarkably unique level, gives the track a sound that is distinctly its own.

The track seems to be completely engulfed in a layer of dreamlike reverb, which further heightens the effect of the vibe, which is somehow effortless – there’s nothing fussy or loud about the music. And, the vocal performances throughout are flawless – the melody and songwriting are always stylish and creative. The track’s structure focuses on the reverb sound in a really effective way. The lead riff is minimal, but it works – it immediately grabs your attention and affection, and it’s instantly familiar and comforting.

The melody suits the story very well, which is something quite remarkable about the piece. It’s an unusual choice, but it works so well, it’s undeniably striking – the melody follows the intensity of the songs and of course the instrumentation. These different moments in the soundtrack of a classic and effective film have a fitting musical reflection, and the song and GER NA DO’ sound in general follow the path of emotion and expression with perfect precision.

“POSITIVE VIBES” is captivating. Its strength comes from the way the music sets the scene – the structure, the development, the description – as the track plays there is nothing left to do but be swept away by its power and its story. The opening few moments create a peaceful atmosphere – the reverb-soaked shimmer of a male voice, soft and dreamy synths – and then comes the build-up, and what’s great about it is that it takes time to build; Downsizing is unpredictable and can be a difficult thing to achieve these days. The energy changes in different directions, and it takes it with you, and it is always appropriate to return to the essence of the track.

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