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This Has Depth


“This Has Depth” is an amazing track by Glasgow, UK based singer “RONA MAIRI” to all the amazing audiences out there with a great vibe. “RONA MAIRI” is brilliantly showing her colors by producing the same as usual. It’s a great track, a stunning bit of music, really creatively compiled to give off a unique ambience, and then the artist’s vocal performance and melody line really just fill in any remaining space around the sound with great skill.

The artist has a beautiful voice. What’s interesting about it is that the sound has a lot of character – it’s not your typical pop voice or style, there’s something fresh and true to the singer in the sound, and this one really does this more than anything else. This song stands out among its industry peers.

The voice appears quickly, but it fits perfectly, and the atmosphere continues to grow and evolve. Instrumentally everything is fantastic, the production is top-notch, and the beat has a sweet and almost tribal sound to it, so everything you can choose to focus on really shines brightly.

Instrumentally, the sound is big, stylish and clever. From the soundscape that blends better with the vocals, and the artist’s voice has a strength and confidence that carries that melodic line brilliantly. The female vocals add a really nice dynamic to the track, further filling the space left, so you just get a massive soundtrack; Good energy, and something that’s likely to make for a fantastic live experience if you’re lucky enough to catch one.

Structurally, the song features strong variation, different parts, and action moments to keep you interested. And, when it comes to songwriting, the melody throughout is very easy to absorb and remember – especially the hook, but even the verses surrounding it. This song isn’t likely to get lost among a collection, it’s one with enough of an alternative, electronic edge to stand alone. The trip-hop-inspired atmosphere blends wonderfully with the tribal edge as mentioned, making the whole thing more expressive and memorable with the artist’s personality and style.

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