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Todo Se Mezcla

by SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma

SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma is a band that comes from Switzerland, Cuba. All the members of this band are filled with amazing talents. SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma’s new song “Todo Se Mezcla” brings a fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms with rock energy. The journey continues in search of new musical landscapes and acoustic experiences. This Rock & Rumba song is a Swiss & Cuban musical alchemy merging elements across an ocean of sounds with no boundaries.

In the late 90s, we saw sumo wander around different areas. And electro, soul, funk, hip-hop, dub genres Loyal to their initial state of mind. The band made up of brothers Alex (guitar, vocals) and Freud Sumi (bass, production), does not fit into one genre and instead starts a regular musical odyssey. After that, the group exiled itself to Cuba, where two tours had brought about striking and heartfelt friendships. On this new journey, Sumo meets the brothers of his Cuban spirit: to become “Sumo y Los Hermanos del Alma”.

‘Todo Se Mezcla’ is a captivating music video whose numerous and varied levels of listening will never tire music lovers hungry for novel discoveries and explorations. Incidentally, it is no coincidence that the music video brings together such an eclectic assortment of musicians. Chilean drummer Ramon Plaza, who has accompanied the group since 2013; legendary Jamaican reggae singer Wayne Paul; percussion player Dunieski Baretto, pianist Maykel Gonzalez and trumpeter Eduardo Bringuez, all three members of the mythical salsa group; and singers Los Niches, who spearheaded the new Cuban rap scene; and finally, Nelson Labrada, singer, and guitarist from the renowned rock group, worked hard to success this music production. The music presentation is eye-catchy. As well these Afro-Cuban rhythms are interesting to you to hear. Watch this amazing piece of music video. Stay with SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma for their new creations. Let’s Rock & Rumba!

SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma

SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma

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