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Que Dolor
Mariana Herrera and Friends
Mariana Herrera and Friends

Que Dolor

by Mariana Herrera and Friends

Where there is pain now, there was once love and happiness; Giving up memories and experiences is not easy. Massive sound and musical climax make this a great illustration. Mariana Herrera is an artist from Texas who passionately composes and sings songs. He is a singer and songwriter, he loves the country and Mariachi genres as well.

Mariana Herrera and his friends have recently released “Que Dolor” to all the audience with greater meaning and weight of the same. “Que Dolor” is a heart touching song, and this whole thing gives a different vibe and a meaning as well. You can hear the connection between the artist and the art. The song bears honesty, it shows the writer’s truth & the struggle in a nicer way. Mariana Herrera’s voice is sensational on this track. Whether it’s the meaning behind the words that drove the passionate vocal out, or just that it’s a completely different kind of song, it sounds great, it makes you really zone in and listen.

“Que Dolor” is such a musically satisfying song. A really nice but minimal sound scene that you might miss for a while. Creative freedom is immense and relentless, and the result is something that constantly amazes and motivates you every time. There are some sad songs that will not make you happy but they will sink into your bloodstream once you hear them. “Que Dolor” is one of the most amazing songs that touch the heart and this will definitely open your inner thoughts about life.

As you listen to this song, you will all understand that as the song progresses, softness evolves into a mass of energy and unity. Really talented songwriting and highlighting musicianship. Listen to this beautiful song and your feelings will arise. And stay tuned with this soulful artist Mariana Herrera.

Mariana Herrera and Friends

Mariana Herrera and Friends

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