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Que Rica

by General Tapia

The memorable melody of the song “Que Rica” draws you offset with a catchy and vivid vocal line that engages you rhythmically, embracing RnB’s contemporary tones and maintaining a captivatingly detailed and progressive soundtrack.

General Tapia is a solo musician who specializes in urban Latin, reggaeton, and dembo music genres. He is a producer, songwriter and also he is a Spanglish Music artist who raps and sings in English and Spanish. . General Tapia currently resides in Miami. He developed an interest in rap and hip pop music which he later decided to creatively blend with his native language to make fusion music that transcends boundaries. His good quality vocals in English and Spanish combined with groovy beats,are garnering him a steady fanbase in the music industry.

The “Que Rica” season gives us a wonderful fantasy and relaxation as we begin to recede, combining the now-recognizable ‘General Tapia’
with a wonderful subjective tone style that gives the right impetus to the underlying emotions.

The song is really well-produced and blends a unique, RnB-inspired pit with hints of a catchy musical atmosphere. It has powerful vocals throughout the simple phrases that call for attention in a casual but bold way.

Whether spoken or sung, this moment works effectively, staying true to the original goal of motivation and standing up and adding small layers to the play.

General Tapia’s oral leadership is close to storytelling and wrestles through subtle melodies – he keeps his truths naked from the beginning, providing honest lyrics, poetry and character at the same time.

As a result, the song is unique in its introduction to an extraordinary artist who is ready for radio – relevant to the present world – and has a set of defined aspirations.

An increasingly striking song by an artist to be found. So I invite you to stay with General Tapia for his freshest creations.

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