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Purple Hearted

by Jay.G

Jay.G is one of many teen rappers making a name for himself. “Purple Hearted” is the highly-anticipated newest track by Jay.G. the song is enthralling overall, features synths prominent, and is decorated by soothing beats. From a musical perspective, things are soundly executed. Jay.G’s biggest talent is his flow. His pacing, for rhymes, is powerful. The rapper plays off of such mastery on the hook. “Paint your shirt red he got with the lead… Brodie Put him on sign… I’ve been grinding all day. I mean what I say… I gotta get what is mine.” Jay.G serves up his particular melodic rap performance, which is amazingly ear-pleasing . That is part of the style, and Jay.G nails it in that regard. Focusing on the lyrics, the artist remains true to self, not doing or saying anything extremely shocking or unusual. He not only hits with a catchy melody but also gives rise to some heart touching lines. “Sidney I still miss you…My soul’s calling out you…I’m finally 21 you should be with me here at 22…Still going up but it ain’t…The same without you…Them tears keep me pushing…Therapy in the booth”. Over lyrics, the production is relatively glamorous. It is mild, with the rhythmic beat furnishing a dreamy flow. Undoubtedly, Jay.G delivers a satisfying track. Even though “Purple Hearted” is not groundbreaking, but triumphant all said and done. All in all, Jay.G’s attempt to showcase the repressed emotions of the past makes “Purple Hearted” sound more realistic than his previous work. So, this is the verdict on “Purple Hearted”. “Purple Hearted” comprises many relatable issues but still sheds light on positiveness and being confident making this one of his most masterful releases to date.



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