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by The Locker?

The Locker? is a band from Northwest Indiana’s thriving underground music scene, and they’re difficult to pin down. Their music is a fusion of hard rock, indie, and alternative styles, making for an exciting and novel listening experience.

The Locker? was created by Zack Novak at the beginning of the current year. Novak, who started out as a one-man show, took his band’s unusual name and image from an unlikely place: a weird mask in a short film he and his buddies had made. Novak wore this mystery mask during the events of The Locker?, and it quickly became the symbol and, in a sense, the face of the organisation.

Novak’s commitment to the project is steadfast despite its limited song catalogue and audience size. The Locker? is a fascinating and unpredictable voyage for fans of the band’s genre-bending sound, and it serves as a testimony to the unlimited ingenuity and tenacity of independent musicians.

The Locker

The Locker?

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