Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray is an upcoming artist based in Australia, who is predominantly experimenting instrumental music in different genres.Stephen mainly showcases his talent as a guitarist and a composer.Apart from that he is also into writing,recording,performing and mixing music.His latest instrumental song ‘Regenerate’ is a whole new level of experience as the song has a thrilling effect that generates a lot of excitement and curiosity.

Since this is an instrumental song a lot of prominence has given to music, sound and the video.Metal, rock, and electro music set the perfect vibe and the setting to the song, and the video is also very unique as it changes with the tone of the music. Stephen has effectively used certain elements of nature and combined it with different sounds of music to show the difference of musical genres and how music can change our vibe and mood. Basically, it shows how music can affect us by giving us different sounds that can arouse various feelings like curiosity, calmness, excitement,and thrill.

Stephen as an upcoming artist has the potential of becoming a renowned artist in the industry as he has creatively chosen the music for the video in an effective way. For instance, he has used a calming sound for the serene lake whereas a heavy metal music for the lava flowing volcano.The video also features a spacewoman that adds a modernistic vibe to the song and it piques the audience’s curiosity.Stephen definitely has got the talent and the potential and if he keeps experimenting more genres of music his dream of becoming a versatile artist would come to fruition.

Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray

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