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Norweigan Wood

by Jake L'Armand

Jake L’Armand is a Philly-based violinist/composer/arranger and teacher. He likes to push the bounds and explore what can be done on string instruments. He is a long-time favourite constantly elevating the artistry within instrumental creation’s humble yet practical domain, preparing the instruments covers once more with the serene and relaxing “Norweigan Wood.”

Jake L’Armand is always an artist to mention when releasing new music. He composes from the heart, combining subtle production intricacies and spontaneous musicianship throughout intentional, engaging soundscapes, moments and stories.

To some extent, he is known for his organic musical styles and the peaceful embrace of a finely crafted picturesque atmosphere. Jake L’Armand’s latest single ups the ante, a slightly chilly, dreamy, ambient jazzy and calm summer vibe while staying true to those important identity threads.

At four minutes and fifty-four seconds, the overall instrumental has a believable professional air to the mood and variation at speed. Smooth beats and atmospheric soundscapes free from vocal interruptions or high-octane drops help carry out study or work activities gracefully.

Jake L’Armand provides precise mastery of the scene and consistently creates joyful, recognizable, yet unique tracks. His music combines the sounds of yesterday and today with a consistently subtle yet stunning personality. “Norweigan Wood” exemplifies these traits and leaves you wanting more.

“Norweigan Wood” showcases the work of a composer who clearly enjoys the process and the genre at hand. The technique is modest but skilful, focusing on what is needed to keep the listener engrossed as the event evolves.

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Jake L'Armand

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