Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Ciel-K

Ciel-K is a multifaceted South African artist whose “Rhapsody” will transport you to a realm of magic and originality. Ciel-K is a multi-talented artist that incorporates music, acting, and modeling into her daily life.

Her unique ability to compose music, play the piano, write songs, and act has catapulted her into the limelight. Her talent has taken her all around the world, from Asia to the United States, where she has worked on film, commercial, and television series productions. Ciel-K’s creative journey is one of unbridled discovery, spanning from stock photography billboards to songwriting and production.

With her piano compositions as a starting point, “Rhapsody” is a demonstration of her dedication to exploring new creative territory. Ciel-K appreciates visual art and photography in addition to music. Whenever she isn’t writing songs or directing movies, she may be found at her art studio, working on her latest masterpiece.

Take the musical ride of “Rhapsody” and be captivated by Ciel-K’s talent. Permit yourself to be moved to greater acts of imagination and appreciation by her writing.


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