Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by 1 Fvce

Artist 1 Fvce of Berlin, Germany, is about to break out with his new hip hop/rap single “RRENA.” 1 Fvce, originally from Albania but currently based in Berlin, has been making music since he was a young age, and his dedication to his craft is through in his latest EP.

The song “RRENA” displays the raw talent and distinctive style of 1 Fvce with its energizing beats and potent lyricism. He effortlessly captures the spirit of hip hop and rap with his charismatic stage presence and talent for storytelling.

1 Fvce is a newcomer to the music business who hails from the exciting Berlin scene. He has garnered a devoted fan base and widespread critical recognition for his unrelenting quest of musical quality and genuine expression.

Prepare to be transported to 1 Fvce’s universe via the sounds of “RRENA.” Experience the magnetic charisma and lyrical brilliance of a rising star.

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