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Something special
T-Rell Playboy
T-Rell Playboy

Something Special

by T-Rell Playboy

Cherokee, Georgia’s T-Rell Playboy is an innovative R&B-pop artist who’s about to blow people away with his new hit, “Something Special.” As of the 13th of July, you may listen to this much anticipated single anywhere you get your music streaming.

The opening hook of “Something Special” is reminiscent of the work of famous pop performers Chris Brown and Teena Marie. With this song, T-Rell Playboy set out to challenge his preconceptions about what it means to be in love. He thinks it’s possible to love more than one person at a time, in addition to finding a soul partner.

The song’s lyrics center on our protagonist’s skillful courtship of a new romantic interest, during which he or she encourages the target to forget about prior disappointments. T-Rell Playboy makes a tempting offer in exchange for the person’s heart by promising to grant all of their wishes.

Get ready to be fascinated by T-Rell Playboy’s silky vocals and riveting narration in “Something Special.” Let the music take you away to a place where love is abundant and anything is possible.

T-Rell Playboy

T-Rell Playboy

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