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Lonely Eyes

by DJ Soler

Solar, is an American DJ producer who always showcases his talent through instrumental, mixes and remixes. Solar’s skills have been continually sharpened with pinpoint accuracy through his amazing remixes. The artist is imaginative at its fundamental core and has an almost magical ability to mould and layer sounds. For certain, his speed, mastery may have gotten him noticed, but he is also a deep digger, with a huge proficiency that has been acquired over years, inscribing the art of a proper DJ.

The artist’s latest vivid remix, “Lonely Eyes” depicts the immense talent of this accomplished DJ. In the song “Lonely Eyes” Lauv, manages to flawlessly resonate with the millennial generation and the struggles they undergo, particularly ones relating to feeling lost, alone or caught in the age of technology. “Lonely Eyes” can be considered one of the tracks with a fresh, intensive message behind it. With the new expression of the remix, which has been ultimately well-produced, keeps creating right up to the bridge as the lyrics fit every beat-drop, it’s thrilling stuff.

Solar has proved that he comprehends what it means to truly remix a track — evident in this highly amazing remix. Therefore, it is remarkable that he worked on this project providing the listeners with enormous enjoyment. This fiery version of “Lonely Eyes” proves that Solar is a Dj at his core, that energy he emits can be heard in abundance in this production. Solar’s music comes more from creativity. In this amazing piece of music, Solar keeps it as high tech, high emotional and vital. Subsequently, the remix version of “Lonely Eyes” by Solar can be regarded as an authentic remix that leaves the listeners in an up to par mood.

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