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Shit That I Do

by SuperNiRO

The “Shit That I Do” call is originally compressed into a sidechaining pattern that ensures it’s a pulsating, breathing, live mix, and it has sublime vocals that complement the summary synths from SuperNiRO extremely well. It’s easy to see SuperNiRO lying next to the microphone to deliver them.

SuperNiRO is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, producer and performance artist whose catchy pop music uses upbeat lyrics, danceable grooves, sparkling melodies, and in-your-face vocals to empower, stimulate, and liberate. NiRO’s energetic live performances champion sexual freedom and emotional, thought-provoking subjects.

NiRO is currently working on his debut EP, dropping later this year. Coming from a professional music theatre background, NiRO has been reborn as a music composer and passionate producer. Drawing on influences from dance-electro-pop to funk to glam rock, NiRO’s music aims to give back to the queer community by forcing people to break free from their limitations and create a more profound sense of love, peace and respect for the human family.

“SuperNiRO” has done something unexpectedly effective with his new release. For what initially feels like your run-of-the-mill Pop and RnB track, the whole thing later emerges and evolves into several other symbols of musical energy. The subject matter alone opens the door to a new world of ideas and enhances the mood and feel of the track with each new lyric. Then you get this lightly infectious, quick-satisfying hook section on top of everything else – a catchy melody and a pop-like vocal rhythm that adds to the experience. The track is subtle but has a genuine approach to expression and clear love and connection to the music in its fusion of genres and general driving.

There’s something so sincere and yet so immediate about the whole experience, which lasts just over three minutes. The more times you listen, the more you hear, the more you connect with the words and the more you hear the openness and realness of both vocal parts.

It’s a track that makes its mark. It’s experimental to a degree, but it also feels familiar, somehow comforting and unsettling at the same time. It will be interesting to hear more from SuperNiRO as his creativity reaches new heights.

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