Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Issata

Issata’s approach to music production is clearly creative and experimental in nature. The single “Major” encapsulates this concept perfectly. Throughout the three-minute journey, the listener is drawn into this spiral of audio samples and notes and moments. The vocal signature of “Issata” is certainly one of the main threads, but there’s more to pick from as the track progresses – even amidst this vast and detailed, ever-changing environment, elements of character and familiarity reappear and feel relevant throughout.

“Issata” as an artist brings through a powerful fusion between the organic music world and that which is more commonly associated with Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap. As you witness this song unfolding, things move from the delicate to the intense within a few short minutes, and every step of that process is beautifully supported by the instrumentation and the artist’s own vocal delivery. In addition though, and multiplying the effect even further, the accompanying powerful soundscape adds plenty in the way of giving audiences a clear image or idea of “Major” as a creative.

The soundscape is as stunning as the song itself, and everything is softly captured to bring out the raw emotion of the song and draw your attention to the genuine connection between the words and the emotion behind them. In other words, these songs clearly express something very true for the artist performing them, and this gives them more value than something written just for entertainment. I can’t wait to hear more.

As you can hear below, “Major” offers a three-minute long listening experience. It makes it a journey rather than a simple piece of entertainment or radio-intentional audio. Issata takes full advantage of the time and space in which the creative process takes place, taking in the emotion and depth of the work, building it brick by brick, step by step, slowly and surely – making sure to never rush. This starts with a long introduction that feels like a simple but beautiful composition. Later on, things evolve very steadily, the song itself emerges from the delicate and powerful vocals and the passion of the concept, and the vibe of the track surrounds you more and more. The lead vocals are catchy, emotionally poignant and hold true to the song’s underlying emotions in a genuinely engaging way.

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