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Slow Motion

by Oboise ft Kotrell

Rap sensation Oboise was born in 1998 in Auchi, Nigeria to a family of art and music lovers. The rapper has been consistent and relentless since he began his music career. He has released six major singles, five EPs, and three full-length albums in five years. He has also tackled a variety of genres over the years. His most recent album, “NO PRESSURE,” finds the rapper sharing his experiences in music and relationships. With over 600,000 streams and 35,000 views on YouTube, Oboise still believes that his greatest accomplishment as a musician is being able to create art that people can relate to. The artist has collaborated with several hitmakers such as Buju, Dax, and WildNation. His new banger, “Slow Motion” ft Kotrell, is another triumphant release with its satiny rhythms and dreamlike delivery. The arrangement of “Slow Motion” is certainly generic. Despite its simplicity, “Slow Motion” is decorated with various musical luxuries as would be found in any other promising R&B song.

The ethereal vocal samples are entangled with an aesthetic vibe to enhance the creamy beat. Further, the bassline, expectedly, plays a notable part in making the track’s alleviated, calm energy. In a way, the laid-back musical scope enables Oboise and Kotrell’s voices to achieve a level of virtuosity in the track. Both Oboise and Kotrell’s talents as singers are revealed in the way they showcase their expertise throughout the track. They perfectly transition between an assortment of flows, making it difficult to presume the rhythms they will utilise in forthcoming lines. They use the best of their vocal span with the freshness in their delivery, eliciting a sound that is free of anticipation. More eminently, the listeners can effortlessly get lost in a phenomenal record like “Slow Motion” and the song finishes before a listener knows, compelling them to replay the track continuously. Overall, “Slow Motion” is a first track that captivates listeners and encourages them to listen to the rest of Oboise’s stunning releases.

Oboise ft. Kotrell

Oboise ft Kotrell

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