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Still Loving You

by Joe Amir

Joe Amir Is a Rock guitar player with over 30 years of experience. He makes instrumental rock electric guitar solo covers for classic and popular songs, Guitar shreds, and guitar slow melodic emotional solos. He is playing on many stages with original music bands and Cover / Tribute bands. He is recording with many artists, Teaching guitar. Joe Amir is an #1 award-winning Guitar Player (1994) In the state of Israel where he is originally from. He has been living in Los Angeles California Since 1998.

Refreshingly emotional, passionate and lyrical, Joe Amir’s guitar cover Still Loving You is original by the Scorpions. It is an incredible track that will hook you from the first listen.

Joe Amir’s cover of “Still Loving You” has an incredibly hard-hitting, classic rock sound that exudes style and authenticity right now. “Still Love You” hits the scene with a certain attitude and weight. “Joe Amir” uses his guitar more beautifully and the whole thing is eye-catching and awesome at the same time. The track has realism missing from the mainstream music world, and this flows from the instrumentation to the performance and finally the absolute explosion of intensity throughout those climactic moments.

The rock vibe is one that is often left behind in modern music, but when it never reappears, it has a positive effect on the audience. In this case, a crisp and clean production lets its rhythm and groove shine in a fresh way. There’s a lot to admire structurally about this release, and the performance is just classic rock. The opening is amazing and you can see the thickness and style, and it connects with anyone – offering a laid-back, good-time vibe that perfectly matches the taste of the music.

“Still Loving You” offers plenty of intense and all-immersive rock music. The final moments become pure volume and energy, shock and vibration. Then suddenly, at the peak of the experience, it all ends. A surefire way to get instrumental and rock fans to hit that play button once again without hesitation. Look forward to hearing about Joe Amir’s longer projects in the future.

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