Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Zantaviu$

“Zantaviu$” is one of the most amazing artists from Atlanta, GA. “Survive” is the latest release for all audiences out there. The artist’s unique fusion of genres creates an environment that sounds exciting, upbeat and inspiring. The backing track is a great display of creative production, and the accompanying hip-hop vocals have a decided depth and hopefulness that we so desperately need.

Zantaviu$ is a multi talented person. Beacause he works at many profession. He is a model, dancer, nurse, actor, singer, stepper and also rapper. Good thing is he always try to encourage others.

This particular track is structurally unique in that the opening verse is kept to a minimal length and the cohesive hook section steps in fairly quickly, which is great; Extremely effective songwriting, and instantly intriguing even if heard quietly in the background at first.

The entire track is constantly changing. Melodies evolve steadily, so there’s never a moment when you’re not distracted by the sound and the emerging story. Lyrically, the poem is as sublime as ever, the meaning behind the words is of great value, and at different levels, to create the song, each bringing something unexpected, gradually increasing in intensity, always making things interesting. .

Now the value of the song is much higher than in the past. Music has a cinematic kind of energy. Although gentle in nature, it’s a soundscape that washes over you like white water – the impact is overwhelming. You can hear distant echoes between the synths, and a slow but catchy beat in between, all interwoven with the beauty of the lead vocals.

The sound is complex but peaceful; Complex, but easily accessible. Creativity is present in every moment – ​​in instrumentation, mixing, production, lyrics, structure and of course vocal performance. The emotion in the artist’s voice is clear and consistent and powerful, be it soft, almost whispering moments or big, soulful and striking ones. Zantaviu$’s “Survive” is worth to listen.

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