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When The Sky Fall

by Doctor ORB

Doctor ORB is the wizard behind the decks in Austin, Texas, casting electronic spells that take listeners on a journey to another world. His most recent single, “When The Sky Falls,” showcases his dedication to creating innovative and experimental techno music.

What started out as a musical experiment for Doctor ORB back in 2016 has developed into a genuine interest. He is not your typical musician; rather, he is an enthusiastic amateur who embarks on a weekly musical excursion for the sheer joy of it. There are no limits to his musical exploration, as he boldly goes where no musician has gone before.

The musical terrain of Doctor ORB is a kaleidoscope of styles, with occasional throwback cover versions for good measure. He has seven self-released albums under his belt and welcomes listeners to experience his growth as an artist with him.

Every Monday, the world may find new, intriguing beats on YouTube and SoundCloud, thanks to the Doctor’s musical prescription. His music has a throwback feel, paying homage to electronic music’s beginnings while adding his own unique spin.

The Austin, Texas-born Doctor ORB is on a mission to reach a wider audience. His distinctive style, with darker and deeper tones, distinguishes him from other electronic musicians. Join Doctor ORB on this fascinating exploration into the very core of techno wizardry as he continues to tinker and develop his own style.

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