Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Sam Tolson

The new song and accompanying video by Ohio-based musician Sam Tolson is called “Strawberries,” and it was only recently released. Tolson achieves a distinctive and genuine sound by blending country and folk influences.

Like the fruit it’s named after, the love depicted in “Strawberries” has both pleasant and unpleasant aspects. While Tolson’s silky vocals convey the song’s emotional depth, the lyrics portray a picture of a relationship fraught with ups and downs.

This exquisitely made music video, “Strawberries” transports listeners to a pastoral landscape evocative of days gone by. This song’s infectious melody and sincere lyrics will touch the hearts of listeners everywhere.

Strawberry by Sam Tolson is a must-listen for any fan of country or folk music. It’s the kind of tune that gets stuck in your head and makes you think.


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