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Ten Toes

by Sonny Savage

Newport News, Va vocalist ‘Sonny Savage showcases self-assurance and identity through bass, trap rhythms and free-flowing bars on his latest rap, trap and R&B mix “Ten Toes”.

“Ten Toes” gets the party started with a catchy instrumental and a vocal rhythm that’s catchy and precise in its bars and flow. By all accounts, the recording is more upbeat and genuinely catchy. However, the weight of the delivery seems to suit this style well, giving the RnB/Trap element a whole new perspective.

Leading with clarity and personality, the delivery has intensity, variety and recognisability. ‘Sonny Savage’ contributes a tone and identity that’s easy to identify with, each new part supporting the music’s shifting pace with a new twist in vocal rhythms, especially the transition to the hook.

“Ten Toes” welcomes fast bar RnB tunes and contains equally unique production features, which further enhance the embrace and charm of the entire journey. Professionalism is weaved with passion and perfection.

Lasting just one minute and forty-seven seconds, “Ten Toes” shoots for the stars and makes an impact before disappearing completely. So genre enthusiasts are eager to listen to the music again, at which point the lingering of the vocal intro is instantly recognizable.

The entire thing is delicate, yet it also has an impact and leaves a lasting sense of worthwhile escapism that is simple to get lost in. Hopefully, the Newport News, Va-based musician Sonny Savage will release a ton more music.

Sonny Savage

Sonny Savage

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