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Mosherst Cash
Mosherst Cash


by Mosherst Cash

“Mosherst Cash” has created one of his most immersive soundscapes for the track “Terrified” for all the audience. The opening few moments of this song are a thread that seems to be the main element or strength of the song – the hook is presented in offsets, the music has some rhythm, and Mosherst Cash’s voice is soft but prominent. As things progress, the featured vocals and structural elements bring across a track with much more to offer than the simple rhythm and melody of that key line.

“Terrified” features an artist with a passion for music – which runs deep in everything he creates. There are repetitive, comforting elements to the track that we refer to when we hear them appear, but it also allows individuality to roam the stage. The track has a partially organic feel, the bounce coming from the electronic soundscape and the stop-start nature of the beat. The whole thing doesn’t quite rise to the frenetic levels of hip-hop music, but its surging energy and warmth are equally impressive and quite energetic.

The second, third and fourth time you explore this, there’s an instant familiarity with that open environment. The entire track is mesmerizing, its multiple layers of color and dreamlike consistency making the lyrical parts of that central idea soar in glorious fashion. As the pulse slows, your heart picks up speed to follow, the music starts raining around you, and somehow the complex nature of the whole work of art evolves into this very simple, pure journey – through thought and possibility.

There’s a great use of contrast throughout this release, the fast pace of that distant rhythmic rapping creating a frenetic vibe. Performance wise the track is everything it should be. The lead vocals carry the melodies and ideas in an authentic, powerful way, while the instruments are captured and produced to an excellent standard – you can turn up the music and let it work its magic. Mosherst Cash knows exactly the sound they want to deliver, and they know exactly how to do it – this song feels authentic, relevant and beautifully delicious all at the same time.

Mosherst Cash

Mosherst Cash

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