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Beginners Luck


“Beginners Luck” by American-based artist “AVLPASQUALEE” is a masterpiece for all audiences out there. There’s a really comforting warmth to this song, one that softens the high energy of the melody and rhythm a bit and makes for a very classic-sounding recording. The hip-hop vibe comes out in every possible way, but that softness is something that is present in everything from the rhythm, to the soundscape, to the melody, and of course the vocal performance itself. It feels like a very natural performance, reinforcing the independence of the artist and individuality of the track, which develops as part of the creative process.

AVLPASQUALEE’s track brings a dreamy ambience and drives it with a soft but confident rap, gradually adding that hip-hop and r&b vibe. The backing track is really something. The beat is unusually light, and the synth riff that plays throughout the background has a sound that’s equal parts soothing and slightly haunting. The artist’s lead vocals on top of this one, as mentioned, have a sweet presentation to it, but with a close enough and personal recording you can pick out and appreciate the tone of his voice and the style of his flow. The whole song has a bit of a soulful vibe to it, but for the most part, it’s a low-energy piece of music, the kind of track to wind down or take a long walk into the evening.

Production-wise it’s a job well done. Not just in the creativity throughout the instruments and effects and structure, but also in the way each voice is incorporated into the mix. The focus is on the song as a whole, rather than constantly directing your attention to the lead vocals or any particular lyrics. In many ways, the backing track soaks up the vocals and everything fits perfectly.

Structurally the whole track works beautifully. The instrumental breaks are well-placed and long enough to let you rest and relax between lyrics, and the subtle yet addictively euphoric soundscape that drives these breaks adds to the overall enjoyment of the track.



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