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by 1st Base Runner

“Planter” the latest song by 1st Base Runner, the artist who was born out of award-winning Austin, Texas Experimental Indie Rock Multi-Instrumentalist and music producer Tim Husmann. He is known for producing music with elements of edgy post-punk, gothic atmospherics and expansive post-rock.
“Planter” represents the exact elements with certain other variations such as Indie Rock. However, the song keeps the mystery alive. Almost as if hounded by a ghost.

A little research on 1st Base Runner, landed me on finding some interesting information about 1st Base Runner.Let me divulge that information. He is a visionary artist who finds inspiration in shoegaze, nostalgic 80’s dark wave. And you could witness his every song. Plus the analog synthesizers need a special mention, which helps in creating a powerful impact in the minds of listeners. I reckon it is not an easy feat to serve the same consistency in every song. However, the 1st base runner does it with a flair.

Along with impactful music 1st Base Runner serves us with dark, emotionally poignant lyrics.
“Planter” is no less of the above, rather dark and emotionally poignant in high octane. The song has a much deeper connection with grief and regret , if you pay close attention to the lyrics. Definitely not a happy song. “ I wish I could be just like you every day , I wish I could take it back and go away” A few lines from the song depicts the regret of not trying hard. That seems unpalatable.

“Planter and 1st Base Runner’s other famous songs “Break Even”, “Near me” has a considerable niche audience where the artist is sort of popular as a revolutionary and anti-hero. He is not the usual kind of an artist who prefers creating repetitive music. Each song screams uniqueness. Even though the base would be of post punk , gothic atmospherics and post rock, there would be elements of Indie Rock and Dream Pop, Humming to make them differ. If you love dark , gothic , melancholic music , do listen to “Planter’’.

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