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The Rundown

by OBP

OBP is a duo that produces amazing music in the music industry. Despite the fact that both are from two countries, that is, one being from Atlanta and the other from the USA, they both possess the same music tastes. Thus, both have a great passion for Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap styles of music. However, their interest in hip hop and rap does not mean that they are inattentive of other music, because OBP always say that classic groups have got a special place in their hearts. One of the main unique features that one finds in OBP is that they prefer to create their own context instead of merging with the present musical world. Subsequently, their partnership is obviously based on friendship rather than just business.
Moreover, regardless of the fact that OBP is a fully fun duo, it is also important to note that they have also accomplished success by making edgy records. Among them, the album titled “8 Bit Legacy” stands first in the row. The album marks a major milestone that sits somewhere between “”old school”” and “”new school”, but that’s to be expected when you have a legacy steeped in 8-bit analog.”
The latest release of OBP is “The Rundown”, which is a two minutes and eleven seconds music video available on the youtube platform. The song is a combination of hip hop, rap, trap, drum and bass and electronic styles of music. “The Rundown” starts with a unique stream of sounds hinting that something beautiful is on the way. The strum of beats that is collaborated with the music flow comes in a more enticing way. The hip hop style and the rap is more amazing for they flow flawlessly from the beginning to the end of the song. The visuals too no longer take the second place. The simple and the clear lyrics of “The Rundown” creates a staggering nexus between the visuals and the vocals of the singers.
So, “The Rundown” is an amazing piece of work by the duo OBP. Listen to this now!

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