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by Yung Muthers

“Ulaanbaatar” is recreated with a genuinely emotional, joyful atmosphere, and such people relate to their beautiful hugs as well as the obvious humanity of their make-up.

Brothers Markus and Florian have been cultivating their mesmerizing electronic sound for years. As Yung Muthers, they mix vintage house, innovative techno and dynamic indie-inspired instrumentation, occasionally recruiting vocalists Chloe and Romina to give their songs an extra pop appeal. Their performances are pure adrenaline – a chance for people to come together and dance deep into the night. Having amassed more than a million streams on previous projects, the Swiss artists are no strangers to big ambitions. With plans to release a new song every month this year, expect them to become staples of the international electronic music scene.

Conceived on a train journey through the dark and majestic Mongolian wilderness, ‘Ulaanbaatar’ is a stunning electronic composition. The Swiss brothers behind the track say they were inspired by the Mongolian people’s noble way of surviving the harsh landscapes. This accounts for the primary strength of the track. Its big soundscapes and steadily pulsating rhythms will be irresistible to any electronic music fan.

Uninhibitedly artistic, this EDM into every genre this side of the house – distorted bass, rhythm, and vocals, all linked and smashing amidst a chaotic yet cheerful, colourful mix. Through the powerful and dramatic soundtrack and an assortment of vocal outpourings riding the energy and unexpected character of the beat, aspects of EDM / Electronic and Dance walk united.

“Ulaanbaatar”, Yung Muthers exemplify the great synth-play and emotional connection that they put into their music. This track builds from dark, colourful beginnings with a strong sense of anticipation and sheer excitement.

“Ulaanbaatar” Each piece is sublime and catchy, expertly blending electronic, the raw intensity of EDM with the soulful humanity of performance and contemplation. However, it is quite different from what you think.

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