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Don’t Mean A Thing

by Kid Created Playa

Kid Created Playa is a talented artist who was born in Mississippi. While being the only child in his family, Kid Created Playa made his path to success through the industry of music. And also, his father’s ultimate passion for music, led him to choose his career in music. However, Playa’s life was not as fantastic as now, when he was engaged in his higher studies. He was actually homeless while he continued his studies in college, but at last, he was able to complete his bachelor’s degree in History. Moreover, the keen interest Playa had for music, provided a route for him to settle in Denver, CO. Thus, Kid Created Playa is now a hard working artist who creates music and who is in the process of making a music brand for himself in Denver.

Kid Crea possesses a great passion for Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap styles of music. His latest music is titled as “Don’t Mean A Thing” and it was released recently on the Youtube platform. So, “Don’t Mean A Thing” is a three minutes and twenty nine seconds music video which consists of amazing Rap, hip hop, southern rap and R&B music styles.

The song starts with a pleasing strum of beats combined with a pleasant music flow. The stream of music is super amazing for it definitely makes someone feel better at the beginning of the song itself. Additionally, the Southern rap makes the song more beautiful while connecting with the tremendous vocals of the singer. Thus, the vocals give life to the wordings of the song. The excellent actions performed by the performers throughout the music video is another feature that has made this song more fantastic.

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