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Thirsty Arab

by Arman Ayva

Arman Ayva, the talented Armenian composer, invites us on a mesmerizing journey with his latest masterpiece, “Thirsty Arab (Tales of Scheherazade).” This composition, blending urban jazz, funk, and Arabic influences, is a testament to Ayva’s boundless creativity.

“Thirsty Arab” is not just a song but a narrative brought to life through music. It conjures images of an Arab merchant lost in the unforgiving desert. As his water supply dwindles, hope wanes. In his desperate moment, a mystical Jinn appears, offering salvation and the elixir of life. The Jinn’s demand is simple: share your stories with the world, for they hold the power to quench more than thirst.

The music unfolds like a captivating tale, transporting us to the realm of Scheherazade, where mystique and allure saturate the air. What makes this piece even more poignant is its timing, released just before the Gaza conflict, a reminder that art transcends borders and can offer solace and unity in challenging times.

“Thirsty Arab” is a testament to the universality of music’s language, transcending boundaries and bridging cultures. Ayva’s dedication to crafting music that defies genre norms is evident in every note. It serves as a reminder that creativity knows no boundaries, and the power of music knows no borders. In a world often divided, Ayva’s music embodies a heartfelt plea for enduring peace, proving that music has the power to inspire and unite.

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