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General Tapia
General Tapia


by General Tapia

Born to a Puerto Rican mother and Dominican father, General Tapia is a Spanglish music artist, producer, and songwriter who raps and sings in English and Spanish. Being raised in Bronx, New York, he developed an interest in Rap and Hip Hop music. He later decided to blend creatively with his native language to make fusion music that transcends boundaries. His excellent quality vocals in English and Spanish combined with groovy beats, are garnering him a steady fanbase in the music industry.

General Tapia’s new release is “Trapbow”. It is a very interesting song. He creates incredibly hard blows and it often seems to fade or memories are left in a cloud. His voice is at once nostalgic and fresh, well-crafted, reminding you of the boldness and freshness of urban Latin / hip-hop. When you are allowed to play “Trapbow” to fill the space around you – it is fully accepted.

The lyrics themselves were a bit mixed up with the melody and the melody below. The character is important, your voice is important and so is your distribution, especially in a world full of such independent music. What you say is where the heart is, reality, and power, but the way you say it is a big part of what motivates people to tune it in or make it a little louder.

You really need to let it play through decent speakers or headphones to get the full effect and get a fairly high volume. The details are complex and specific to the sound, but the unity between them makes this feel so effectively rhythmic and vibrant. The first thing you catch is the hit. I think the most common feature with urban Latin / hip-hop today is the synth or melody or sample voice, so much so that we forget the power of a powerful blow. “Trapbow” song has a piece of attractive music but has a brilliantly beautiful sound and speed, but it adds a touch of humanity to the mix – it seems like something organic amidst a finely tuned electronic ocean.

General Tapia

General Tapia

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