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Time Will Tell

by Frank Poelman

Take a leisurely drive down memory lane with Frank Poelman’s latest masterpiece, “Time Will Tell.” Hailing from Belgium, Europe, Frank’s slow acoustic guitar music encapsulates the essence of Route 66, weaving a tapestry of nostalgic vibes.

As the gentle strumming unfolds, listeners are transported to the iconic American highway, where the open road meets the echoes of days gone by. “Time Will Tell” isn’t just a song; it’s a musical journey through the landscapes of yesteryears.

Frank Poelman, with his evocative acoustic melodies, invites you to savor the charm of Route 66 from the comfort of your own ears. Whether you’re a traveler longing for the open road or a dreamer seeking a moment of reflection, “Time Will Tell” resonates with the timeless allure of a classic journey.

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