Hear it, See it Feel the Music.

4 US

by Tony Pops


Tony Pops’s sound has an unmistakable touch of character that warms you up quickly throughout his latest releases. “4 US” feels very authentic and is the main voice that flows with a certain blend of sophistication and personality that conveys the emotions and melody of the song really well. Tony Pops is in Los Angeles, CA, and he always wanted to be unique in the music industry and showcase his Alternative R&B style to the world.

Tony Pops is an artist who works hard to make a name for himself. He is a genre-bending queer artist, producer, and songwriter. His music has a semi-nostalgic feel – comforting, familiar but fresh and it tends to be in a whole new direction. The popularity of this song is a big part of what gives it so much character. It’s a foretaste of the rhythm you actually see throughout the experience. In most cases, the beat travels as the spine, not paying much attention to its own components even when needed. In this case, you value the unique quality of the soundtrack as much as everything else around you.

Having heard several different releases from the Tony Pops, this particular song exemplifies a truly heart-touching, optimistic angle, as opposed to the following: Performance. The transition from verse to hook works well, it’s gentle but strikes a level of anticipation and impact in an exquisite and genuine way.

In addition to the musical strength of the song, the concept of what a song is connected to is crucial, regardless of genre. The lyrics in the verses appear in a recognisable way, addressing the experience of relative feeling, love and reality. These images and references erase the feeling of darkness and light beneath the shadows but remain in the lyrics. The idea is presented subtly but surely, so when the hook strikes, you expect it, and it is satisfied in the right way. Tony Pops’s vocal tone and performance style make this kind of song stand out.

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