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General Tapia
General Tapia

Turning Me On

by General Tapia

In the pulsating rhythm of “Turning Me On,” General Tapia, the Bronx-born artist, ignites the fusion of Spanish and English, crafting a dynamic blend of Reggaeton and Urban Latin vibes. His journey from the streets of NYC to the Latin music scene epitomizes a relentless pursuit of artistic innovation.

With roots deeply embedded in the vibrant culture of the Bronx, General Tapia’s music reflects the eclectic energy of the city. His debut album showcases a seamless fusion of Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, and Rap, offering listeners a taste of his diverse musical palette. From the bustling streets of NYC to the sultry ambiance of Miami, General Tapia’s sound transcends geographical boundaries, resonating with audiences worldwide.

With each beat, General Tapia amplifies the rhythm of Latin Music, infusing it with his signature style and unbridled passion. “Turning Me On” is not just a song, it’s a testament to General Tapia’s unwavering dedication to redefine the landscape of Latin Music, one electrifying track at a time.

General Tapia

General Tapia

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