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Sesion #23


Dive into the vibrant beats of “Sesión #23” by NIA LOVE, a rising Latin artist hailing from Cuban roots but blossoming in the urban genre and Latin pop scene. With Miami, Florida, as her backdrop, NIA LOVE infuses her music with a tropical rhythm and captivating lyrics that showcase her versatility and passion for music.

In this latest installment of the musical saga curated by Dj Armstrong, NIA LOVE’s talent shines brightly as she takes listeners on a journey through her unique sound. As an emerging composer in the bustling city of Miami, her ability to seamlessly blend different musical influences has garnered attention, leading to her collaboration with Dj Armstrong for Session #23. With each beat, NIA LOVE proves that her music transcends boundaries, offering a fresh perspective to the Latin music landscape. Get ready to groove to the infectious tunes of “Sesión #23” and experience the magic of NIA LOVE’s musical journey.

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